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Section: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

Statute: 16:1-4

Every religious society or congregation incorporated by virtue of any law of this state shall have power to: a. Have perpetual succession as such corporation; b. Sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in any court; c. Adopt and use a common seal and alter and renew the same at pleasure; d. Appoint such officers, agents and employees as may be required for its properties, institutions and business; e. Make by-laws and rules consistent with law, for the regulation and management of its affairs, properties and institutions; f. Acquire, purchase, receive, have and hold and take by devise, bequest or gift without limit, real and personal property of all kinds, church edifices, schoolhouses, college buildings, parsonages, sisters' houses, hospitals, orphan asylums, and all other kinds of religious, ecclesiastical, educational and charitable institutions, and the lands whereon the same are or may be erected, and cemeteries or burial places, and any real estate suitable for any or all of said purposes; g. Lease, grant, sell and dispose of all or any part of such property; h. Borrow money for the purposes of the corporation, and to give bonds and mortgages therefor on any part of its property; i. Have the management, direction and control of all the civil and temporal affairs of the congregation, church or parish; and j. Exercise any corporate powers necessary and proper for the carrying out of the above-enumerated powers and the purposes of the corporation and its institutions.

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