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Section: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

Statute: 16:1-23

Any incorporated religious society or congregation, owning or holding the title to any real estate in trust or on condition that it shall be used for church purposes, may, by its board of trustees, consistory or other board managing its temporalities, alone and without a vote of the members of the society, sell and convey all or any part of such real estate, in fee simple or otherwise, freed and discharged from the trust or condition, if the donor who created such trust or imposed such condition, or his heirs or devisees, discharge the property or such society or congregation from such trust or condition or consent to such conveyance. The deed therefor shall convey to the purchaser a good and effectual title, free from such trust or condition, and the grantee shall take the property so freed and discharged.

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