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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 15:5-3

The owners and possessors of lands contained within the bounds of a meadow company, organized under any special or general law of this state prior to March twenty-fourth, one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, may cause the same to be subjected to overflow by the tide, and may control the overflow for such period as may be agreed upon at the meeting held therefor as provided in sections 15:5-4 to 15:5-7 of this title, or may cause the same to be filled in and the surface thereof raised. The managers of the company, in addition to their duties in connection with the maintenance of the banks, dams, sluices and drains, shall direct and order the control of the overflow. All expenses, costs and charges incurred by the managers in the control of the overflow shall be raised, collected and paid in the manner provided by the general or special law under which the meadow company is organized.

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