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Section: Natural areas council; membership; terms; vacancies; reimbursement for expenses; meetings

Statute: 13:1B-15.7

There shall be within this section a natural areas council which shall consist of 7 members. The administrative head of the section shall serve as a member, ex officio. The other 6 members shall be appointed by the Governor. First appointments shall be made so that 2 members shall serve for terms of 1 year from July 1, 1961; 2 members for terms of 2 years from July 1, 1961; and 2 members for terms of 3 years from July 1, 1961. Subsequent appointments shall be for terms of 3 years. The appointed members of the council shall be either professional naturalists or persons who have a demonstrated interest in the preservation of natural lands and wild life. The Governor shall fill any vacancy in the appointed membership of the council for the unexpired portion of the term. The members of the council shall serve without compensation. They may be reimbursed for expenses necessarily incident to their duties. The council shall meet at least once every 6 months and at such other times as the commissioner may determine. A meeting of the council shall be called by the commissioner when requested by 3 members of the council. The administrative head of the section shall serve as secretary of the council. L.1961, c. 51, p. 526, s. 4, eff. June 3, 1961.

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