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Section: Permitted activities and obligation of users

Statute: 13:1B-15.12a10

Swimming, canoeing, rowboating, fishing and hunting may be permitted in designated sections of the system at the discretion of the department, but only at levels of activity that will not have serious or long-term effects on the natural values of areas within the system. Hiking may also be permitted in lands of the system, but only to the extent of minimal impact on natural values. Camping may be permitted but shall be restricted to occasional overnight camping along trails and shall not include day-long camping or camping at established campgrounds. Auto campgrounds are excluded from all natural areas. Overnight trailside shelters of the type called lean-tos are permitted, but there may not be two such shelters within 3 miles of each other, and such shelters may not be used for day-long camping or for more extended stays. Nothing may be brought into a natural area and left there except upon specific approval of the department. Nonburnable camping trash shall be removed for disposal elsewhere. L.1975, c. 363, s. 11, eff. March 3, 1976.

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