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Section: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

Statute: 13:12-4

The rights vested in the Canal and Banking Company to impound and divert waters of lakes, ponds and streams, and the property and rights vested in such company in Lake Hopatcong, Lake Musconetcong--otherwise known as Stanhope reservoir--Cranberry lake, Bear ponds, the pond on the Musconetcong river at Saxton Falls, and Greenwood lake, together with all such lands, easements, rights and other property, the title to which is vested in such company in trust for the State of New Jersey, as may be necessary to maintain such lakes and ponds, or as may be of public value for public parks or recreation areas, shall be retained by such company in trust for the State of New Jersey, for the public use of conserving the public waters of the State or for public use for recreation, and shall be and are hereby dedicated to such public use; and the Canal and Banking Company is hereby authorized and directed to control, maintain and operate the dams and sluice gates at such lakes and ponds for the purpose aforesaid and in such manner that the rights of the riparian owners upon such lakes and ponds and the outlets thereof shall be properly conserved. Amended by L.1939, c. 326, s. 1.

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