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Section: Offenses, liabilities, penalties and forfeitures committed or incurred under repealed acts not affected by such repeal

Statute: 13:12-15

The canal and banking company is hereby authorized and directed to sell any and all of the property the title to which is vested in the company in trust for the state of New Jersey, other than the rights and property to be retained for public use as provided by section 13:12-4 of this title. Wherever such property shall consist of lands so located as to be capable of use in the widening of any county road, the canal and banking company is authorized to transfer to the county wherein such section of the canal is located such section thereof, upon the adoption by the board of chosen freeholders of such county of a resolution indicating the desire of such county to acquire such section for the purposes of a county road, within the period provided by section 13:12-16 of this title for the adoption of a similar resolution by municipalities or agencies; such transfer to be made upon such terms and for such consideration as shall be fixed after negotiation as provided by said section 13:12-16 in the case of municipalities and agencies and subject to the same right of review.

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