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Section: Corporations, associations or societies included in Revised Statutes

Statute: 12:4-19

When a vessel navigating the Delaware river shall collide with a vessel lying at anchor and having a light on board as required by section 12:4-18 of this title, the officer having charge of the vessel so navigating the river shall be liable to the owner of the vessel lying at anchor for all damages sustained by reason of the collision. Such damages shall be sued for by the owner of the vessel so lying at anchor and the officer having charge of the navigating vessel shall be debarred from recovering any damage he may have sustained from the collision. The officer serving the summons or other process may seize and keep in custody the vessel which collided with the vessel at anchor, to abide the judgment of the court, at the costs and charges of the party offending, but such party may have the vessel released upon giving satisfactory security to the court before whom the action may be brought.

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