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Section: Existing boards, commissions and public bodies continued

Statute: 11A:7-13

11A:7-13. Accommodation for the handicapped and examination waiver. The commission may establish procedures for the reasonable accommodation of handicapped persons in the employee selection process for the State and the political subdivisions covered by this title. Pursuant to rules adopted by the Civil Service Commission, the commission may waive an examination for an applicant who suffers from a physical, mental or emotional affliction, injury, dysfunction, impairment or disability which: a. Makes it physically or psychologically not practicable for that person to undergo the testing procedure for the title for which applied, but b. Does not prevent that person from satisfactorily performing the responsibilities of the title under conditions of actual service; and c. In making such determination, the commission may require the submission of sufficient and appropriate medical documentation. Amended 2008, c.29, s.68.

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