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Section: General rules of construction

Statute: 11A:7-1

11A:7-1. Equal employment opportunity. The head of each State agency shall ensure equality of opportunity for all of its employees and applicants seeking employment. Equal employment opportunity includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: recruitment, selection, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, layoff, return from layoff, compensation and fringe benefits. Equal employment opportunity further includes policies, procedures, and programs for recruitment, employment, training, promotion, and retention of minorities, women and handicapped persons. Equal employment opportunity but not affirmative action is required with respect to persons identified solely by their affectional or sexual orientation. The head of each State agency shall explore innovative personnel policies in order to enhance these efforts and where appropriate shall implement them to the fullest extent authorized. Where the implementation of those policies is not authorized, an agency head shall recommend implementation to the appropriate State agency. L.1986, c.112, s.11A:7-1; amended 1991,c.519,s.15.

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