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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 11A:6-3

11A:6-3. Vacation leave; full-time political subdivision employees. Vacation leave for full-time political subdivision employees shall be at least: a. Up to one year of service, one working day for each month of service; b. After one year and up to 10 years of continuous service, 12 working days; c. After 10 years and up to 20 years of continuous service, 15 working days; d. After 20 years of continuous service, 20 working days; and e. Vacation not taken in a given year because of business demands shall accumulate and be granted during the next succeeding year only; except that vacation leave not taken in a given year because of duties directly related to a state of emergency declared by the Governor may accumulate at the discretion of the appointing authority until, pursuant to a plan established by the employee's appointing authority and approved by the commission, the leave is used or the employee is compensated for that leave, which shall not be subject to collective negotiation or collective bargaining Amended 2001, c.270, s.2; 2008, c.29, s.53.

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