Family Law Practice Software

The Family Law Assistant

The Family Law Assistant, or TFLA. is a comprehensive case management database designed by attorneys fluent in matrimonial and family law matters.

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Consistantly simple case management

As with every Legal Assistant module, TFLA provides the standard core functionality of the Legal Assistant, along with custom forms, letters and databases specifically designed to manage the family law dispute whether simple or complex. With it's custom workflow, TFLA, provides the Family Law practitioner, the ability to manage any family law dispute from initial intake, through the discovery process , and straight to trial.

Immediately on the custom family law case form, you can identify and maintain your clients and opposite parties related to the case, expert witnesses and key information relating to the particulars of each party. Unlimited financial data appropriate to the individual parties can be entered as well as litigation details such as the judge and court details, dates and times for the trial, arbitration. settlement and deposition dates which will all trigger automated notifications and letters.

With its custom CIS Generator creator, TFLA, automatically produces the entire Case Information Statement (CIS), from all the data previous imputed into the case file and with a click of a mouse, allows the user to attach, via a single pdf, all required attachments from the attachment folder of the system. All documents contained within one very organized location.

Workflow designed specifically for Family Law cases

The attorney designed workflow gently guides you through the entire process of the family matter utilizing custom databases such as:

  • Clients/Dependants and Spouse Database
  • County Court & Judge Database
  • Attorney/Lawyers Database
  • Expert Database

Customizable Family Law matter database

Included are our pre-designed family law letter templates which work with your own law firms letterhead allowing you to very quicky begin utilizing the product and producing appropriate letters to appropriate parties. The family law database has been designed with flexibility in-mind but out of the box your can create family law case files based on the following matters:

  • Divorce Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement Cases
  • Visitation Cases
  • Child Support Cases
  • Child Abuse/Neglect Cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Military Divorce Cases
  • Spousal Support Cases
  • Other Matrimonial Matters

The family law matter database also can be added to as you go, so if you handle matrimonial legal matter types not covered by the above then simply add the new family law matter type to the database and begin creating new cases for your custom matter type.

Other standard Legal Assistant features

And of course, in addition, the standard features present across all Legal Assistant modules integrate seamlessly to provide you with:

  • Scheduling and notifications

    In addition to a feature rich calendar and scheduler with Outlook interopability, our notification system ensures you never miss a key date in the case, appropriate letters can automatically be produced at key dates throughout the case.
  • Document Management

    Comprehensive document management system allowing you to choose from hundreds of predefined personal injury letter templates and send letters to appropriate parties in seconds.
  • Attachment Distribution

    Instantly distribute letters, photographs, emails, in fact any item linked to a case to all appropriate parties in seconds via email, fax or hardcopy with the flexible attachment management system.
  • Time & Billing Management
  • Inter-Office Communication
  • And much more...

Available Media

For further information on The Family Assistant contact us or arrange an online demo.

What our clients say ...
  • Andrew Venturelli, P.C. says : "I cannot imagine going back to my old system. The Legal Assistant software has allowed my practice to run much more efficiently and much more profitably."
  • James M. Cundari, Esq. says : "I have a solo real estate practice, and T.R.E.A. continues to be the backbone of my legal documents management system. It serves as my part-time "secretary" and "para-legal" partner, and helps me provide professional quality service to my clients. The larger my practice gets, the more useful are T.R.E.A.'s data storage and retrieval capabilities, saving me time and energy, and helping to streamline my workload. I love the email component. I can send an email to Realtors, clients, attorneys, lenders, title companies, etc, with multiple documents and letters attached, using just a few quick commands. Lawyers doing residential closings really need to make efficient use of their time, and The Real Estate Assistant is a great help. Oh, and by the way, the best part: it is easy to use!"
  • Lerner & Kaplan says : "This is the most innovative and useful software that the Real Estate Practitioner could ever hope for. I can now capture more of my fees, more of my time, and more of my space using this amazing software. I scan documents, see them anywhere anytime, I log the time spent on files, I see all of my phone calls, and everyone else in the office.... There is so much to it that I can't get it all out, without rambling.....OUTSTANDING JOB GUYS, CAN'T RUN MY OFFICE WITHOUT IT!"
  • Martin D. Eisenstein, Attorney at Law says : "The Legal Assistant software has streamlined our real estate practice and has been an invaluable help. The support provided has been top of the line! Time saving from the system begins the first day you use it, and just keeps going up from there. It is very well designed by lawyers with many years of experience. I highly recommend it."
  • Nancy E. Cotton, Esq. says : "Without this software, I could not even have begun to think about going out on my own for the first time. As a sole practitioner, there would simply be too much to do and too little time to do it without the Real Estate Assistant. I am able to prepare letters and HUDS quickly and correctly. In addition, all my client information and every letter written on each file is stored together and I can keep track of how much time I spend on each matter with the new billing feature of the program. With the control run feature it is like having a little legal angel sitting on my shoulder making sure I don't miss any important dates or contingencies. It truly gives me peace of mind that I wouldn't have if I was using a different system that couldn't "think for itself". This is by far the best program I have ever used and has literally every feature I could dream up."
  • Purvin & Purvin, L.L.C. says : "I have been very happy using this program since 2004 and the latest updates with the auto billing, dictation, recorded reminders, timed delay reminders, amongst many others have truly blown me away. This product has been clearly designed with the lawyer in mind."
  • Robert C. Selser, Esq. says : "This software allows me to maintain my files and the requirements that are needed on each. I have the ability to keep track of all important dates, the control run does most of the work for you. The system is actually the best helper one could ask for. I have experienced other Real Estate Programs, but they are nothing like this system. This system truly does it all."
  • Silverman and Roedel, LLC says : "Very true to the Words, "Designed by Lawyers for Lawyers", what more can I say..."